Saturday, October 26, 2013


It was nice to get out of the busy city of San Francisco after the midterm week and go to Berkeley. It was my first time there and I love the area — so peaceful! It was also a lot warmer than San Francisco! You have no idea how much I miss warm weather, haha. 
We just walked around the city, climbed some trees, took some pictures, got a cup of really nice bobba and a very delicious taco! How's your week?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I'm 18! It's my very first birthday without my family. I learned so many things since I got here, I learned how to survive with my family thousands miles away. It felt like a two-day-birthday because people back home started wishing me happy birthday since yesterday (Bali is 15 hours ahead) haha..
I spent half of my birthday at my drawing class (from 12PM-5.30PM) without telling any of my classmates it's my birthday — and later on my classmate found out and called me and scold me (sort of) for not telling her it's my birthday. It's a memorable day...
After class my roommates and I went to The Cheesecake Factory to have my birthday dinner. I must say, the view from the top of Macy's at Union Square is lovely. The weather is not warm, but we survived. And the cake surprise is just like a cherry on top. They're the closest I have to my family back home, so grateful to have them as my roommates! I love you girls!!!
Ah, what a lovely day, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes :)

P.S. Those random pictures were taken when we were waiting for out table ;)