Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring 2014 Wishlist

I was thinking what my next post should be, and spring is here! So why not make a spring wishlist? I enjoy looking at wishlist that people make, so why not make one my own?
 It's hard to tell in San Francisco, the weather is warmer but sometimes it's still chilly. But I'm so excited to be able thinner layers of clothes.

1. I''m in the hunt for a new perfume, my LOLA by Marc Jacobs is running low, I've been trying to use it in special occasions only but it's almost empty (#tears). I went to sephora the other day and I was in love with Miss Dior Eau de Toilette. I remember my sister used to have this perfume and I loved it. I should start saving money for this beautiful fragrance.
2. I feel like bralettes are becoming essentials, when you ear something that's low cut or see through, it will look nicer if you have bralette underneath — extra safety and looking nicer. 
3. One of the cutest floral dresses ever and it has pockets!
4. Can't have too much black dress. This dress is something that I think I can dress up or down — add accessories like belt or statement necklace or maybe just wear it plain with black booties. And yes, I did try it on in ZARA and I'm in love with it, here's a fitting room selfie!

5. It has been a struggle to find the perfect hat for me, until I went to Urban Outfitters after grocery shopping at Target with my roommates and I randomly tried on this hat, for once, it's not too big for my head! it fits really nicely on my head, decisions, decisions...

6. So, here's a sad story : my well loved Black Circus Leather skirt started peeling and basically is not wearable anymore and I had to throw it away, it was sad, and apparently I haven't found a replacement yet. I think this one might replace it? I don't know yet, I can be very picky haha
7. Cropped sweater is one of my favorite thing lately, and this one is just perfect.
8. Have you ever heard about Glossy Box? Basically it's a "surprise box" that has beauty related items in it! The monthly subscription is $21, 3-month subscription is $60, 6-month subscription is $115, and lastly 12-month subscription is $220. I mean who doesn't like the idea of pretty box with pretty things? It's just amazing.
9. I really like slip-ons (not as much as my black boots tough *wink), they are easy to wear and comfortable. I saw this one from topshop and man, they're fantabulous! I wondered what they'll look like when someone wear them and I saw Lily Melrose wore them and I love it!
10. Last but not least, a denim jacket. I see it as a classic and I had them when I was younger but I no longer have them. You can wear a denim jacket with anything and I need one!

Well, that's my top 10 Spring 2014 Wishlist. As you can see, I chose basic colors instead of colorful. I think corals are nice for spring but I'm trying to keep my wardrobe "endless" with classic colors. Maybe a pop of color won't hurt, but we'll see. :)
What's your top 10 Spring Wishlist?


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Perfect Bag

I'm in the hunt on the perfect black bag. I adore black bags because they go with everything in my closet. I like them not too small (I throw a lot of stuff into my bag) and simple. I'm currently using my black and brown bucket bag that my sister gave to me and I've worn it ever since, rarely changing to any other bag. But, this is the point that I actually bored of it, whenever I see it I went "I need a new bag in my life." haha
I found these bags while "window shopping" on the internet. My favorite from these 5 options would be number 2,3, and 4. I'm still debating on getting which one of them. The first one is cute, but I not sure I would love the shape of it in the next who knows how many months (or years?) and I wish it's in black instead of navy. The fifth one, I'm not gonna lie, I choked when I saw the price, I didn't expect it to be over $100.
Oh, well, we'll see. 
By the way, it's spring break! So happy to finally have a one-week-break from all the stress.


Saturday, March 1, 2014


We had a little adventure yesterday!
It was raining in the city and I was not happy about that. Thankfully, it stopped raining when we arrived at the Golden Gate Park. We walked all the way to the Strawberry hills, it was not as high as I thought it was going to be, but whoa, the view was so pretty!  

After walking around the park, we decided to get out of the park and go to somewhere else. The originally we planned to go to Eagle Point Labyrinth or Lands End Trail. We walked around the Legion of Honor and found a huge golf filed that somehow lead us to some random steps that turns out to be the part of the Lands End Trail. We went down the trail and found this fascinating view of golden gate bridge! It was breathtaking and completely made my day!