Monday, December 22, 2014

Flying Essentials

Ah, it's almost Christmas, which means it's time fly to my hometown. I always make sure I have list of things that I will need for my trip and of course, the long haul flight (13.5 hours to Taiwan and then another 5 hours to Bali) that I am not looking forward to. Anyway, today I'll be sharing some things I take on the plane! At times like this, I don't care if I look like the least stylish person on earth, I just want to be comfortable and to be able to actually enjoy my flight,

Wear: Always something comfortable, I always go for layering (can never go wrong with t-shirt and oversized sweater), leggings or loose pants (I can't wear jeans on such long flight, too restricting), scarf, sneakers, backpack, and no jewelries at all.

General: Passport, tickets, money, phone, food, and water are probably the most important things. Other than that, I'll always need my portable charger, laptop, headphones, snacks, my glasses (I have horrible eye sight and I don't think I can handle 18+ hours wearing contacts), and a book or something else to entertain me when everything ran out of battery.

Care: Moisturizer, lotion, hand cream, face wipes, face wash, dry shampoo, and small perfume are basically all I need, I try to streamline everything.

What do you usually bring on the plane?


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's Talk About: Blogging and University

This is something that I wanted to talk about for a little while now. Last November, I announced that I'll be taking a 3-week-break for finals. I started focusing on my blog last summer and it grew so much more than the past 2 years that I was "trying to blog". When Fall semester comes around, the assignments are more time consuming and I found balancing university and blogging is harder.

It takes time to think bout a post, take a good photo for it, and write it. I've written some crappy content in the past and now I understand the concept of blogging more, I want to give the best one I can. I take my classes very seriously and it's my priority because it's what I want to do in the future as a job and going to university is the reason why I'm in this beautiful city in the first place. 

If you're wondering, I'm majoring in Fashion Merchandising but I'm transferring to another major next  semester, still in fashion but not just not merchandising. It's fun and interesting, unfortunately, it wasn't creative enough for me. I find myself not feeling inspired and stuck on days, after thinking for months, I finally decided I want to change my major to something more creative but not everybody gets it. I learned a lot with the merchandising classes and they won't go to waste.

I will try to do blogging alongside university next semester!


Friday, December 19, 2014

The Past Three Weeks

Hello! Yes, I am official done with finals! Yaaaay! Thank you so much for all the sweet supporting comments on my last post, you guys are the best!

Up there are some pictures I took the past three weeks. From Black Friday (yes, I went shopping, it was insane) to the stormy sky last week. I'll be leaving San Francisco to go back home for a month soon and I'm really excited!

What have you been up to the past three weeks?

- Sophia