Friday, March 20, 2015

Recent Buys

It has been quite a while since I shared my last 'Recent Buys' post, so here we go, the things I've bought the past month(ish).

Let's start off with the plain notebook I got from Muji last week. I've never been to Muji (not that I remember of) but when I found out that they have a sore in San Francisco, I went nuts! and the best part is, they have a stamp station (this is the 6 year old girl inside of me screaming with joy), so of course I had to stamp some stuff on my new notebook. Do I need a new notebook? Probably not. Oops.

Let's move on from me buying something I don't need to something I actually need – hand cream. I have dry hands and I've finished my usual small hand cream that I carry around. I know that TBS has some good hand creams so I checked their website because usually they have great deals there and guess what, I got the small body butter, small hand cream, mini soap and a mini loofah for less than $10 (they were having a sale at the time), bingo! 

3. Delicate Rings
I forgot that I purchased the rings a month ago on Aliexpress. Delicate jewelries is something that I really, really like and I think they are a nice way to add something to a plain outfit.

I exchanged 2 pairs of jeans that I got from their online website that didn't fit well for these shoes because I needed a pair of pumps for a shoot I was doing and at the time. I had no choice but keep it because I cut the price tag off from the shoes but on the bright side, I can cross off black pumps from my wardrobe staple list, you'll never know when you need a pair of black pumps.

I haven't been to H&M for a long time now, I just wasn't in the mood to shop – weird, I know. I walked into H&M one day and saw this bag, I just had to have it because I need a small bag other than the random bag I got from Marshall's that you've all seen a billion time (here, here, here, and many more). 

Let me know some of your recent buys!
p.s. I asked what you wanted to see more on this blog on my last post, go check it out ;)


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Checking In

Hey there, how are you? I'm checking in today to let you know I'm still alive and very well. I have these pictures and I had no idea what to do with them so here you go, it was some of the pictures that I took last week when I was getting ready before running some errands. And it's spring break! But it's not actually a break - my instructors gave me plenty of assignments.

I'm having a major writer's block right now. I have a couple of ideas but I still need more and why not ask you, right? So here it is: What do you guys want to see? What do you want me to talk about more? More fashion/style posts (I'm still trying to find a better spot in my room to take OOTD's), photography related (I'm no professional, but I enjoy it very, very much), something about makeup/skincare, anything? Please let me know!

p.s. The lovely Augusta kicked off a new series on her blog called "blogger interview" and she asked me a few questions, go check it out here and give her some love :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On Film #1

I finally got my film developed! These are the pictures I took back in December last year, the first two are just random pictures I took before leaving San Francisco to my hometown, but most of them are from my trip to Jogjakarta (more here and here). I was so giddy for the results and now they're here!

What do you think?


Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Loves

It's officially March! Which means it's time for me to talk about things that I've been loving in February.

1. Sweet Grapefruit Soy Candle by P. F. Candle Co.
I got this candle back in November on Black Friday and I just realized I've never mentioned it before. It's citrusy and fresh but it's definitely not overpowering.

2. Forever 21 Nail Color in Mauve
I got this nail polish because I'm just bored with the colors that I currently have, I wanted something more low key and well, neutral. So when I went to Forever 21 to buy something to wear on Chinese/Lunar New Year (even though I end up not doing anything that day) I saw their nail polishes on the cashier and this color grabbed my attention. It dries quickly even though it doesn't last that long on my nails.

3. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Cherry Bomb
On one random morning, I decided to dab Cherry Bomb on my lips instead of applying it on like I do with my other lipstick and whoa, I love it. It's a red-ish berry color and I think it's a nice way to give some color to my face because I tend to go with subtle colors on my cheeks.

I asked my parents for a huge tote for Christmas  which I love, it fits everything I need for my classes – and I used to use a small card holder as my wallet, which instantly got lost in this bag so I switched to my actual wallet that's a little too big for my other smaller bags. So I got a smaller wallet that can hold everything I need without being too bulky and it's the perfect size that fits amazingly into my smaller bags.

5. A Year of Mornings
I mentioned this book on my last post, I've been flipping through it constantly and I can't get over how nice it is!

6. iPhone 6
Finally, after 5 years, I decided it's time for an upgrade. I love my iPhone 4 with all my heart but it's time to go. Definitely in love with this one, the camera is so much nicer (not as nice as other phones, but nice enough for me). I'm still looking for a proper case for it though.

So on that Chinese New Year shopping trip, I got more than just nail polish from Forever 21 (wow, I've been loving forever 21 this month. But hey,  what can I say, they're stepping up their game) I saw this trench coat and that day the store had 40% off everything in the store so I got this lightweight trench coat. It's very simple and basic, no lining whatsoever, but the weather is really nice here right now and it's a perfect outerwear. I'll definitely going to wear it on a post soon! (100% can't find my remote and got a new one)

Okay, I think I mentioned that I really wanted to get my hands on the Cereal magazine so bad on the post where I talked about A Year of Mornings. I went to their website and I found the Journal section of it, which is basically their blog, and oh to the m to the g, it's beautiful! So many beautiful photographs and articles on it and I can't tell you how often I go to their website to find inspiration pictures for moodboards and just for fun in general, go visit it!

What have you been loving this month?